Simple Yet Effective Cure for Diabetes – Ayurveda Treatment

Diabetes is a health disorder wherein the body is unable to utilize the glucose levels of the body. Pancreas reproduces a hormone also called as Insulin. This insulin is responsible to regulate the blood glucose level inside the body. Further, the insulin level fuels energy in the body. Diabetes is a disorder wherein there is a complete breakdown of insulin function or it is ceased for a long period. It may result into drastic condition both for the patient and care taker. Hence, ayurvedic treatment for diabetes is the best way to cure this problem at initial level. Moreover, Ayurveda is free from side effects and is labelled as an effective way to treat this disease. The only condition is diagnosis of doctor is required.

The symptoms of diabetes are myriad like frequent urination, thirsty, excessive weight loss or weight gain, reduced healing power or irritation or skin related problems. The common causes of diabetes is reduced functioning of insulin or resistance to insulin, excessive blood pressure life, stress, excessive intake of carbohydrates, hereditary factors, less or minimal physical activities and poor diet intake. All this in return are cause of several health disorders, eye related disorders, nervous disorder, chronic blindness, and atherosclerosis. The herb for diabetes includes bitter gourd, bael, turmeric, neem, garlic and Onion.

Herbal Treatment For Diabetes

Diabetes can be easily cured with the help of natural herbs as discussed above. One amongst the most common herb for treating diabetes is bitter gourd- it is an effective ayurvedic treatment to cure diabetes. Consumption of bitter gourd juice helps in regulating the blood sugar level, which in turn improves overall functioning of the body.

Here's how you can do it:

Take a bitter gourd and cook the same in Ghee. Consume it for at least three months. It would ultimately reduce the problem of diabetes or simply visible results can be seen.

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