Science Vs

Science Vs is a science podcast established and hosted by Wendy Zukerman[1]. The display will take a myth-busting technique to controversial subjects and current events, with point checking and investigate of the scientific literature, as effectively as interviewing applicable specialists. A standard exhibit will have in excess of a hundred citations and include qualifications interviews of dozens of experts in addition to the experts who discuss on the display.[2][three][four][five]

The demonstrate was initial manufactured and dispersed in 2015 by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) as section of ABC Radio's First Operate podcast program.[six][seven] Science Vs was acquired by Gimlet Media, a Brooklyn-primarily based digital media firm.[8][nine] Initially, Zukerman experienced to do all the study herself, but beneath Gimlet she was equipped to employ the service of a committed study staff. Episode subjects have involved immigration, gun control, ghosts, weather modify, acne breakouts, and antidepressants, amid other individuals.[seven][10][eleven] Zukerman has explained that the strategy for Science Vs arrived from news headlines about Gwyneth Paltrow wanting girls to take part in a "wellness practice" of vaginal steaming, which she believed could incorporate science with humor.[12] Zukerman summarized her podcast's position versus wrong equivalences, saying, "If there's a 95 p.c consensus between scientists, you report the consensus."[ten]

In 2019 the clearly show, along with other Gimlet Podcasts, was obtained by Spotify.[thirteen]

In February 2022 Zukerman announced that in response to COVID-19 misinformation spread by The Joe Rogan Experience, yet another Spotify podcast, Science Vs would suspend normal programming and air only reveals that point-examine other Spotify podcasts. Zukerman called the platform's guidance of Rogan's COVID-19 misinformation "a slap in the deal with" in an e-mail to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek.
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The February twenty five, 2022 episode of the podcast was devoted to refuting claims about the COVID-19 vaccine created on an episode of Rogan's podcast by virologist Robert Malone.[sixteen]

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