Five strategies to avoid gambling addiction

Until the 1980s,itwasconsideredfashionabletogamble large amounts of money.
In the 1980s, the American Psychiatric Association officially identified pathological gambling as a mental disorder.
At that time, approximately 1.1 million Americans wereinvolved in problem and compulsive gambling. Sincethen,the number has increased from5.1 to 8.4 million people in the United States who meet the currentdiagnostic criteria for gaming addiction.

Youdon't have to play every day to be considered addicted. A person may be identified as adrug addict - or more accurately, a "gambler" - if they exhibit some of the symptoms of the disorder.
Of course, you can play responsibly. However,addiction is a serious problem that can manifest at any time.
To promote safe and healthy gamblingmethods, here are five strategies to avoid gambling addiction.
first. Avoid temptation
If you havedifficulty stopping yourself from playing at the blackjack table (even if you win), then this urge needs to be fought.
It is essential to know when to stop. Most people do not withdrawtheirwinnings. The best time to receive winnings is when you are atyourhighestlevel.Don't let greed overwhelm you. The overall environment of a location can influence gambling addiction leading to losses. Racetracks, casinos, sports grounds, or any other popular betting or gamingsiteare off-limits toapersonwhois easily seduced.
Temptation can also come from relationships. Some people can be a bad influenceandlead you in the wrong direction.
Any environment that exposes you tomore risk than necessary,thatencourages you to be greedy, is not the best place to be. 2. Don't let boredom be the reason
Sometimesgaming addiction can be a coping mechanism for boredom. Playersin the pastfelttheexcitement of winning or losing in an instant,excitingway.
Therefore, one must plan activities to replace what would have been a normal day at the casino with another stimulating task.
Since research shows that people whoare attracted to videogames have a hardertimethanaveragein tolerating boredom, the alternative activity must be especially engaging and interesting. After all, old habits die hard.
Some effective activities include exercising, spending time with non-playmates, and practicing meditation techniques. These are healthier options that will help you relax,controlyourmood, and reduce feelings of boredom.
3. Rekindle old interests
While taking up a new activity is a good choice, returning to a hobby explored in the past is even more beneficial. When people only focus on gaming, other hobbies, passions, and favorite activities become less important. If gaming is not part of the equation, wemayfind a lost hobby.
Gettingbackinto some hobbies will boost your self-esteem. You will refresh some skills that you mayhave lost duetospendingtimein the game.
The revival of an old hobby can simultaneously remind formergamblers of their remarkable lives before gaming addiction took over, and restore hope for the new life aheadofthem.Surname. Balance is good and everything should be done in moderation. Youcan gamble small amounts of money as a form of entertainment but make sure you alsoinvest time in other hobbies.
4. Set boundaries
With unlimited money, itis sometimes impossibleto keep track of how much youhavegambled.Limiting cash flow and budgeting from the beginning willreinforce responsible gaming.Limits should not be changed after you enter the casino. Credit cards, checks, and other monetary transactionoptionsshould be kept out of reach to avoid temptation. Excessmoney should be left at home.
The amountof money broughtinto the gamingroommust be a reasonable amount. However, since it'sverylikelythat all of that money will be lost sooner or later, consider mentallyplanning your next reactions and actions. Itisadvisabletobudgetmoney when visiting a casino or any other entertainment facility thatoffersgamesofchance or betting. Irresponsible gambling can quickly become an addiction (see this report on why seniors are at high risk of losing money in casinos).
5. Take regular breaks
Stopping or withdrawing can make a significant difference between addictive behavior and a healthy relationship with gambling.
Although most peoplethink that the break will somehow spoilthe hot streak, that's not the case. Steppingawayfromthe slot machine or dice table allowsplayers to collect their thoughts and return to reality. For example, a simple two-minute break allows you to check the time elapsed and the amount spent. This can help you stayalert and make wisedecisions.
Gaming should be afun and entertaining activity. Pausing allows the player to analyze whether these are the emotions they are actually experiencing. If their behavior is more obsessive, aggressive, and frustrated, abreakupmay indicate that it's time to giveup.
Gaming addiction is a serious and classified mental disorder; Butgamblingresponsibly and safelyiscertainly possible.
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