Top Rental Cars For Self Drive In Uganda

Like many other safari destinations in Africa, Uganda is filled with an abundance of tourist destinations inside Kampala city and other major towns spread across the country. You need to rent a private car to self-drive in Uganda if you wish to get to any of the paces comfortably, safely and most importantly on time. Public transportation may be cheap but is so unsafe, uncomfortable and unreliable and that's why renting a car for self-drive or a guided road trip is always the best idea.

However you need to be careful when booking a rental car as not all of them are ideal for self-drive, Below are some of the top cars you can hire and drive yourself around Uganda.

Toyota Rav4 - Rav4 in full means a Recreational active 4x4 vehicle and rightly so given its 4-wheel drive capabilities. The 4-door SUV is one of the most affordable cars for hire in Uganda ideal for camping & business road trips. It features an AC with spacious cargo space in the rear. Coming in popular colours of blue & red, there is no denying that the Rav4 can also be used for city tours, weekend getaways plus a couple of retreats.

Rates: From US$40 to US$ 55 per day, excluding fuel

Land Cruiser Prado - Another popular 4x4 station wagon manufactured by Toyota Motors is the Land Cruiser Prado; a mid-sized station wagon perfect for off-beaten track safaris, city tours, and business & leisure road trips as well. The Land Cruiser Prado can accommodate 5 people comfortably offering passengers adequate leg room plus space for cargo in the trunk. The cruiser also features an AC, CD player, and FM radio transmission and sometimes come with a sunroof.

Rates: From US$ 60 to US$ 80 per day, excluding fuel

Toyota Premio - This 4-door car is the cheapest saloon car for hire ideal for self-drive around town but not in remote places like national parks as it can't handle the tough park terrain due to its low ground clearance and fragile tyres. The Premio can accommodate up to 4 people comfortably featuring space for cargo in the trunk compartment of this 3-box configured body vehicle. If you travelling on a low budget but still require private transportation, then we highly recommend you hire a Toyota Premio and save some money. If you have any questions concerning where and how to use hire a driver for the day london, you can make contact with us at our site.

Rates: From US$ 30 to US$ 45 per day , excluding fuel

Super Custom Van - The 8-seater mid-sized van is another perfect car to drive if you plan on exploring Uganda as a family or small group. The minivan can accommodate about 6 to 7 passengers comfortably with adjustable seats that offer spacious room for passengers. However, it has a little space for cargo so you have to sit with the cargo.

Rates : From US$ 80 to US$ 90 per day , excluding fuel

Harrier - Another invention by Toyota Motors is the Harrier, a beautiful hatchback ideal for business trips, city tours, leisure vacations as well as special occasions like weddings or private VIP airport transfers. The Harrier can accommodate up to 5 people comfortably with a functioning AC and spacious cargo space in the rear.

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