3 Cannabis Facts That I Discovered Listening To The Weed Talk Shows

I was so annoyed with this whole enabling the druggies becoming a law, I literally vented out on every social media platform through comments. People are justifying marijuana by labeling different components and looking for reasons to somehow smoke the pot and get high, this is what I thought. Then came the day when I got into a tiff with one of my friends, and he fired a series of question which went like this:

He: Do you know what makes you high when you are smoking a pot?

Me: No! I have just smoked once and never after that. Not interested!

He: Do you know what's a cannabinoid?

Me: Does it matter? Cannabinoid, cannabis, marijuana, it's all the same! You get high!

He: Noooo! You know nothing (I heard Jon Snow In My Mind)! First, research if you really want to win any argument on the subject. Don't be a pseudo know-it-all! And you can you even have a say when don't know a thing about CBD! It's hypocritical!

That's when I decided that I will educate myself before I answer him. And to remove that 'pseudo' from my mind, I got very much involved in reading and listening CBD news. And here is what I learned by listening to the CBD talk podcasts and CBD live shows like cannabis life radio, ihemp radio and hemp radio:

1. I thought cannabis and hemp were the same when they are altogether different plants

I know, how couldn't I possibly not know the difference but seriously, I was too much against pot to actually understand it. So yes, cannabis sativa is the family to which cannabis and hemp both belong. Just like siblings, they share their origin and very much like the siblings again are different from each other. Hemp is structurally tall and cannabis is stout. But the basic difference is hemp has more CBD than THC and cannabis is vice versa.

2. THC is what makes us high, I really feel awful to have bashed CBD

How can one be non-psychotropic and one a psychedelic when they have the same origin? That bugged me even after I started hearing the radio shows. But as I read more and more about cannabinoids and that each of them has its own effect on our brain, I understood that THC is what causes the psychosis and that no other cannabinoids which are remotely unrelated to THC have nothing to do with it and that included CBD.

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